Why PipJazz?

Pippi Ardennia, born and raised in Chicago, came to Minnesota in 2005 to work on writing her new CD project. She also had a vision that sparked in her for youth in Minnesota after experiencing the music scene around the time. PipJazz began with the founder, president, and hostess, Pippi Ardennia because she had the passion to give opportunities to the young artist and desired to offer them the experience she had when she was a 13-year-old singer in Chicago nightclubs. As well as, preserve and foster the art of jazz in our society, by giving youth a catalyst to exercise their passions for music while giving them opportunities and community What she and co-founder Glenn Swanson describe as baptism by fire!

What is PipJazz?

Youth Experience 

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"I had a great time rehearsing and performing with Pippi and her band. I felt inspired with their words of encouragement and wisdom during the rehearsal. I am thankful to the band’s willingness to give their time to assist me. The chance to play and talk with pros makes me think that I could become one of them someday. What once seemed untouchable now seems achievable."


PipJazz Alumni - Jordan Anderson

"Until I joined PipJazz, I never had many connections with jazz musicians my age. I mostly played with and learned from older musicians, but when I started playing with the PipJazz Youth All Stars that changed. I have learned so much from the creative, and incredibly talented young musicians I am able to work with.  PipJazz has presented me the opportunity to dive into the jazz community and connect with other local musicians.  All in all I'd describe my PipJazz experience as inspiring. PipJazz has made me a confident musician, something that is not easily taught, but something that makes all the difference."


PipJazz Alumni - Claire Altendahl

PipJazz LIVE gives talented young artists the opportunity to gain real-life performance experience with world-class musicians in a family-friendly environment. The concerts are held once a month on a Saturday evening at a premier community theater, giving parents, students and the community at large a convenient opportunity to hear Twin Cities music at its best live.